The Big Pink Bubble #2

Tonight was about motivation. What motivates you? For me it was about knowing today I could set aside my Mary Kay business and be mommy. I was the fun mom tonight. As I showed my 7 year old a little grace tonight, I let my hair and we went skating. I think I had more fun than him and showed off a little. I was the ONLY mom at the skating rink tonight with ROLLER BLADES. I mean I looked like a pro and didn’t fall once. In the meanwhile poor Malachi was off in the background falling literally every two and half minutes. It was good to see him not giving up. I let myself completely go by re-living the time I was eight learning to roller blade. I think Thursday night will be skate night for a while. Malachi was able to exert some of his energy and I got a good work out. This type of ministry is just the kind of balance I had been looking for. After skating we went to Waffle house and shared a meal. I remember Apostle Greg Howse saying that there is healing at the table. And oh boy does my Malachi love to eat. I have to be honest sometimes he can be a handful but I yearn and enjoy the times when we bond, we’re both feeling connected…it’s peaceful. That type of environment can only exist in joy and confidence. You know what they say right? If momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy. And tonight…I was more than happy to spend time with my baby. I was so happy, I went to the store and saw an acoustic guitar on sale and bought it! What? I don’t know the first thing about instruments but I wanted him to have exposure. It’s funny because we actually ran into his gifted class’ teacher as we were checking out by the cashier. We stood there for about 40 minutes talking about how gifted my son is. At that moment, I realized how blessed I was and privileged to be a mom. This was a night worth of every bit of time, money, and thought spent. Well tomorrow is another day and focusing on the family will set the tone for what’s to come. 

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