I had a WHOLE baby!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


One GOOD reason you haven’t heard from me…I was in family mode.

Pregnancy is hard work! In this stage there are many pregnancy rollercoasters. They are much faster than the real ones. There are unexpected twist and turns…and oh yes, not to mention…the BIG DROP. These kind of rollercoasters are not for the faint at heart or weak stomached individuals (nausea may be a factor).

Yet, since we have landed in our final destination, it has been the smoothest ride of my life. I promise you I am not lying. I know other moms may disagree. I believe perception is reality for some. But simply put, it is my truth. You see, it had been eleven years since I had a baby. And back then, I REALLY didn’t know what I was doing. I couldn’t recognize adequate support, my maternal intuition was still developing, and I a lot of times I forgot to include God (the big one). And even now, I still get hung up a time or two between the diaper changing, the bottle sterilizing, the round-the-clock breastfeeding, the baby clothes washing, the car seat and stroller rotating, the baby crying, the daddy crying, and the mommy crying. Lol! And yet, it has been smooth. Included in that euphoric perception, I have managed to remember that God literally has me in the palm of His hand. Yup! ONE WHOLE BIG HAND. He has carried me, baby bump and all. I am reminded, it is going to be okay! And now we are HERE.

I have been soaking up as much as I can with this little one. When I look at my oldest, and I am also reminded that time flies by when you have an infant…and when you are having fun. And after that infant goes into the next stages of life, BEHOLD!…YOU HAVE OTHER STAGES OF CHILDREN. The toddler (1-3 years old), the Preschooler (3-5 years old), Gradeschooler (5-12 years old), Teen (12-18 years old), and Young Adult (18-21 years old). Wowzers! All these stages of life in one little package. With all of life’s demands it is so important to create and capture the BEST moments possible with your family. I made a lot of mistakes with my first infant, toddler, preschooler, and gradeschooler. Most of us do if we’re honest and can admit it. Having another infant has reminded me that with God, a better sense of community, a more mature mother’s intuition, that life with a new infant, a seventh-year gradeschooler and soon-to-be teen can go a whole lot smoother if we remain present and connected with our Lord.

When challenging times hit for us, we all became closer to the Lord like never before. And I’m glad because…WE HAD A WHOLE BABY, soon to transform into a toddler. Please welcome our new addition to the family.


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