Chanielle’s Journey to Redemption


The Lord is truly magnificent. I am more than smitten for His affections for me. Even when I don’t deserve it, His impressions of His heart towards me allow me to experience an indescribable place in my thoughts towards Him. Being pregnant makes you so much more sensitive to EVERYTHING. It is important to be sensitive to the spirit of God. I believe pregnancy should bring you closer to God. It did for me the first time and even the second time around.

Ever since I had my first-born I was CONVINCED that God has always had a plan for children. I had my first-born really young. After he was born I started to feel God’s heart towards my son. My life changed for the better and I’m happy that He allowed me to see the fruit of His love towards my child. I know that I am have reaped the benefits of that love. I vowed that if I ever had any more children I promise I would do the way God intended. This is the year I get to see the fruit of that.

Being a mommy is the sweetest gift. Being a MARRIED mommy is an even sweeter gift! If I didn’t have my best friend/husband to be pregnant with, I’m just not sure what I would. But I wouldn’t have made this decision any other way. Being pregnant is NOT easy. I’m not sure who would want to make anyone believe that but it is less challenging when you experience it with someone that you love and someone who loves you COMPLETELY.

When I first got pregnant with my second child, I was so secretive and apprehensive about people knowing because I didn’t want anyone speaking anything potentially ill whether it was intentionally or by “cultural sayings”. I’ve been released from what could go wrong based on what other people say. Everything that has been spoken by me and my husband concerning our baby has come to past. We started praying about this baby BEFORE we GOT MARRIED. So with that being said, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).” Also, there may be families out there that may receive my posts as inspiration from the Lord to stand firm on His word. As they receive it, I want to be a resource to prosper families, pregnant women, and mothers where ever I can reach them. 

We (my family and I)  worked so hard to remain in the timing and the blessing of God regarding when this baby would come. The bible says to write the vision and make it plain. There is nothing like having a husband that plans for the future. The word of God also says according to Jeremiah 29:11, that He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. 

Most of my posts will be about pregnancy, family, and women for the next few months. A dear friend of my gifted me with this awesome book called, “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize. I recommend that any one dealing with infertility, loss of a child, or anxiety during and after pregnancy should read this book. Here is a my first resource to you. I hope it blesses you as it has blessed me.

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